• Teresa Metherell

How can my freelance marketing services help your business during Covid-19?

As a small or medium sized business who has more than likely been impacted by covid-19 in some way, you are now possibly in the position where you are having to work with a reduced workforce and budget.

You will also now be experiencing additional costs you did not budget for at the start of the year such as PPE for your staff, signage for social distancing and perhaps even the adaption of your premises to allow safe and socially distanced business operations. It will also be your priority to ensure you generate adequate income to cover your operational costs and even make a good profit over the coming months.

When budgets are tight in challenging times like those of Covid-19, activities including marketing can often be reduced or stopped altogether as organisations invest money into other business areas which are considered more important. For example plans you could have once had to employ your own in-house marketing team are probably not a priority right now.

During these difficult times, your customers will also be working with increasingly tight budgets and their spending priorities will subsequently be changing. You can definitely not afford to loose your current loyal customers at this time, neither can you miss any opportunities to reach out to potential new customers who are looking for products or services such as the ones you are offering. Therefore it is essential to plan and implement regular marketing to address the current needs of your target audience and ensure you are always ahead of your competition.

As a freelance marketer I can provide flexible and affordable marketing services which will help your business to thrive in these uncertain and challenging times. Benefits of my services include:

  • A personal, professional and affordable service

  • Payment by project to avoid costly long term contracts

  • Flexible working hours

  • No need for you to purchase costly resources in-house

  • Wealth of experience and expertise from a wide range of industries

  • Network of professional contacts to add extra value to projects when needed

Whatever your business objectives and budget may be, I will always be able to come up with a marketing solution to help support your business growth. Please call me today to arrange a no obligation meeting to discuss your needs: 07885 4440597

You can also find further information about me and my marketing services on my website:

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