• Teresa Metherell

How to make the most of Marketing during Lockdown #3

Lockdown #3 is now well underway and you are probably eagerly awaiting the day to arrive for your sector to reopen now that the PM has published his Roadmap out of Lockdown. Or you might be fortunate enough to be able to keep your business running if you provide essential services, manufacture essential goods or have managed to move your business online.

Whatever your situation, I am sure you are wondering how you can keep your current clients interested and loyal to your company and also attract new ones over the coming months as lockdown eases and the nation attempts to slowly get back to some form of normality. Like you and your business, your clients and potential clients will also have been affected by the Covid pandemic in some way and are likely to be making cost savings and reducing their resources. What can you do now during lockdown to ensure that your business is in the best position it can be for summer 2021 and beyond?

Maintain client relationships

Keep relationships going with your clients. Let them know that you are there for them during the lockdown and after. Provide them with information, support etc during lockdown which will hopefully result in sales afterwards.

Revive your website

Improve your content for example review your website. If it hasn’t been updated for several weeks or months put some new information on it e.g. new product information, news releases, ensure contact information is current and accurate, ensure the website is easy for customers to navigate and find the information they need – maybe ask a few customers to provide feedback on this so that you can then use this to improve the website. Add a blog to your website if you don’t already have one. Write and upload case studies about projects or jobs you have previously completed and obtain good photos and quotes from the customers.

Post regularly on social media

If you have social media pages for your company, post on them at least once a week to help develop and maintain contact with your clients. Ensure content is relevant and of interest to your audience and focuses on how you can help and support your clients during this time. Also share relevant information and updates from government and industry bodies. If you don’t currently have social media pages for your company, now is the time to get them set up!

Make use of your customer database

Use your customer database to send out GDPR compliant email campaigns. Topics could include anything from surviving lockdown tips to company news and product launches.

Review your targeting, offering and messaging

Review your target audience, external and internal environments, products / services and ensure that your messaging and tone of voice is relevant and consistent.

Write a new marketing plan or update your existing plan

Review and update your marketing plan / strategy if you have one so that it can accommodate and deal with any effects from covid and lockdowns. If you don’t have a plan in place, now is the perfect time to write one.

Review success levels of previous marketing

If you have been doing marketing over the past few months, have you been reviewing and analysing the success of it? If not, now is the time to carry out some basic analysis to see if it worked, if it is worth repeating perhaps with some tweaks of improvement or maybe it is not worth doing again and you need a totally different course of action.

Do you need help and support to achieve the above?

You might think that the above activities seem like a good idea but perhaps you do not have marketing knowledge or a marketing team and don’t know where to start with it! Or maybe you are spending so much time seeing to other areas of your business that you don’t have the time and resources to put to marketing. Don’t worry as that is where I come in with my wealth of experience and knowledge! I can look at any of these issues for you and work through them so that you are able to continue to focus your time and energy on your work priorities.

I will be more than happy to arrange a free, no obligation video or telephone meeting for one hour with you and / or a member of your team. We can discuss your business and help you to come up with some marketing objectives which could then be developed into a basic marketing plan if you decide to move things forward. If this is of interest, please do not hesitate to contact me:


Mobile: 07885 440597

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