September, 2020

Teresa Metherell will become Plymouth’s new Freelance Marketer when she opens her consultancy in September 2020 to help small and medium sized organisations to grow and prosper during the challenging times of Covid-19 and beyond.

When Teresa left her position as marketing coordinator at an international marine and leisure company to fulfil her life-long dream of starting her own freelance marketing business, she had no idea that the country would be locked down just days after due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Teresa decided not to let anything hold back her plans and for the past few months it has been full steam ahead planning her business venture which will be launched in September via various online activities; there will be no big launch party for the moment due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Teresa’s marketing business is aimed at helping local organisations focus on the day to day running of their businesses while Teresa takes care of their marketing. Teresa says “Many smaller businesses lack the time and resources to effectively market their businesses, and often do not know where to start when it comes to marketing. I can work with them to research, plan, implement and monitor regular marketing activities which will help to raise awareness of their business and help to increase enquiries, sales and customer loyalty”.

Teresa provides a wide range of marketing services including customer and competitor research, SWOT analysis, writing and implementing marketing plans, managing social media and email campaigns, writing content for blogs, press releases, case studies and marketing literature, event organisation, and analysing marketing performance.

Teresa says “I personally manage all my client’s projects from start to finish, enabling me to build long-term relationships with them and help them to achieve their marketing objectives with my custom solutions. My marketing is affordable for all businesses and payment is on a pay as you go basis, meaning no astronomical monthly fees or long-term contracts”.

Teresa, who was born, raised and educated in Plymouth, has worked in marketing for a wide range of products and brands across multiple industries including leisure, tourism, marine, oil and gas, renewable energy, industrial, engineering, manufacturing and retail. This experience along with an honours degree in marketing and a diploma from the chartered institute of marketing means she is at the top of her game and well versed to work with most types of businesses to help them to grow and thrive in the current tough business and economic environment which Covid-19 has unexpectedly brought along.